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 Welcome to our new video links page. If you have seen a good aviation video, please post it to me and we will try to include

 it on this page. You may need to press the back space arrow twice to get back to this page from the U-Tube site. Once into

 the U-Tube site you will be able to connect to other video links associated with the one featured here. The latest videos in each

 category are at the top of the list. Happy Flying.



 Crosswind landings in Bilbao  -  Anyone who thinks this easy should watch this. See the other crosswing landing from BA lower down.

 De-Icing - This is definitely NOT how to do it. They were either very lucky or very stupid. European aircraft are not allowed ANY ice/snow on the upper wing surface.

 Tribute to Concorde with great in flight footage and music by Enya. Well put together.

 British Airways Tribute to Concorde  -  I've watched this a million times and I still like it. Great commentary and footage. Get your hankies out.

 Concorde Crash -  Mixture of actual footage interspersed with computerised imagery to show the crash. There had been 6 tyre bursts previously with fuel loss.

 Concorde final departure from JFK -  Emotive footage and actual air traffic control radio from the final commercial flight. Pilot Capt. Bannister.

 Boeing 747 cockpit view  -  KLM 747-400 landing. Interesting footage from the pilots viewpoint.

 TU144 - Concordski  -  At the Paris airshow with the crash footage. Break up possibly caused by trying to avoid Mirage which was supposedly filming it in flight.

 Boeing 737  - TUI B737 taking off from what looks like Saltzburg or somewhere mountainous. Landing into somewhere a bit warmer.

 Boeing 737 HUD  -  night landing at Los Angeles using head up dispaly. Gives a good idea of the business of landing with air traffic talking to other aircraft.

 Virgin Advert  -  not strictly aeroplanes but great to watch. Lady in Red springs to mind.

 Hudson River  -  computerised reconstruction of the Hudson River ditching. Actual ATC transmissions overlay. Fascinating stuff.

 Dreamliner Take off  -  Boeing 787 take off from head on at Farnborough.

 Cat III Landing  -  This is what landing in thick fog looks like. Autopilot has to be engaged and autoland used. In this case lights are seen way out. Imagine at 50'

 Boeing 737 1 wheel up landing  -  Interesting footage of a 737 trying to shake his gear down but eventually landing on 1 main gear and nose wheel.

 Fire during refuelling  -  a B737 goes up in smoke ater a fire develops during refuelling in Japan. Good illustration of emergency exit use.

 Building a 737  -  making of Florida 1. Southwest's newest NG Boeing 737 in time lapse. Too much of the painting but good watching.

 Crosswind Landing Technique  -  Great demonstration of how to land an aircraft in a strong crosswind. Note the increased drift just before touchdown and perfect landing

 Lockerbie 747  -  Computerised reconstruction of Lockerbie flight and disaster



 70 year olf photos of WWII aircraft prodcution. - interesting shots in colour. Not entirely sue they are original but interesting collection.

 U2 landings - not easy. Lots of interesting foortage of this cold war legacy.

 Amazing photos of RAF & SAAF  -  fantastic collection of photos of all types of aircarft from WWII era. Bet you can't name them all. Get a cup of coffee to watch them all.

 Top 10 Flyby's  -  Starts with Tom Cruise fiction but ends with a bang. Amazing to watch

 Vulcan Flyby  -  Geat footage of the last Avro Vulcan flying. Amazing aircraft which penetrated the US defences on tactical war games.

 F15 Ocean launch  -  Astonishing under-water launch of a modrn day fighter. I'm sure it's real, but how do they do that?

 Spitfire low pass - Did that presenter say f... me? Twice? Don't blame him really.

 Spitfire Mark 9  -  Great footage filmed at an airshow somewhere in Germany. Fantastic sound of the Merlin engine.

 Mirages Dog Fighting  -  Great footage of one of the world's best fighter breeds. Good music too.

 Harrier Demonstration - Great to see what this amazing machine could do. Did you know a supersonic version was under development but scrapped yet again!

 Best Jet Fighters  -  Mirages again with music by Sagittarian. Great foot thumping video. Turn the sound up and fly.

 XB70 Valkerie  -  possibly the most elegant aircraft built. The North American B70 made from stainless steel. Cancelled project but 2 prototypes built for testing.

 SR71 Blackbird  -  should have been called blue bird as it was painted dark blue. Mach 3.3 bomber never shot down but 12 out of 32 lost in accidents.

 J20 Chinese Stealth - anyone thinking the Chinese are old fshioned needs to watch this. 5th generation fighter bomber. Looks familiar?

 RAF Wartime footage & More  -  some fantastic links to all sorts of aircraft. This will take an hour or two to get through.



 Microlite flight - Sent by a passenger from one of my cruise lectures. Thanks Phil. Very interesting and beautiful views of N Wales.

 Supersonic Sound  -  a really interesting commentary and video clips about supersonic sound.

 Duxford Airshow  -  compilation of mainly second world war fighters at Duxford. Very good watch.

 Historic compilation - mainly of American aircraft and with rather smultzy music but a good watch all the same

 Historic Aircraft Flyby  -  See how many you can name as they fly past.

 Shuttle Landing  -  filmed on Atlantis through the front sceen with the HUD (Head Up Display) in view. Steep approach controlled by using varying drag.

 Wright Brothers  -  amazing footage of some of the earliest flights in history. What a giant leap for mankind there has been.

 Interesting Airports  -  labelled the 10 most dangerous but any airport is dangerous if you don't follow the rules. I've been to a couple not listed here but a good watch.

 Jet Man  -  Yves Rossy flying over the Grand canyon. Great footage and music. Wonder how many takes they did to put this togeher.

 The Big Slip  -  new budget airline route trials. Is it faked? You would be mad to do this.

 Farnborough Tradgedy  -  John Derry crashes in the DH110 after a supersonic flyby. Testimony to the dangers that surrounded early test flying.

 Smartbird  -  A robot bird that flies like the real thing. This is a long video (17 mins.) but there are other shorter ones linked to it. Worth watching.

 Wing structural testing  -  Boeing 777 wing bending test to the point of destruction. All aircraft have to undergo this before certification.

 This is the reason they test them  -  airborne footage of the 777 wing in action. Flexing like it's supposed to. Flexing reduces the stress on the wing join to the body.

 Jubilee celebrations from a Lancaster bomber  -  great shots and a video from the Daily Mail

 For all Retired professional pilots  -  a bit soppy, buy hey, we were there.

 1945 promotional video for US Army  -  A bit long but very interesting look at US Army footage



 Shuttle Launch - amazing footage taken from a camera mounted on the solid boosters. Shows lift off, separatio and landing back into the sea.

 Virgin Gallactica  -  First flight of this passenger sub space vehicle. $200,000 for a seat with 10% deposit required to secure. Take off from Curasoe, WI.