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If you have read a book which you would recommend to others, please email details of it with a brief synpopsis and we'll list it here. To buy try Amazon 

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"Empire of the Clouds"  -  James Hamilton-Patterson - Faber & Faber - A personal observation & tribute to the test pilots of the 1950's onwards who were at the forefront of British design and development particulalrly in the supersonic realm. 2 versions available. 1 with more photographs and 1 with more script.


"Haynes Concorde" - David Leney & David Macdonald -  Haynes  -  Believe it or not a workshop manual about Concorde. More of a story but a must for Concorde fans.


"Fly without Fear" - Captain Keith Godfrey & Dr. Alison Smith - Summerdale Publishers - Good reading about the fear of flying. Why it exists and what you can do about it from a retired BA captain who is frightened of water himself and a consultant psychologist specialising in the fear of flying.


"First Light"  -  Geoffrey Wellum  -  Amazing biography of a young 19 year old training and becoming a Spitfire pilot during the second world war. Many memories of training details for those who have been there and equally amazing description of being chased by ME109's. Captivating read.